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Animal Control


It is important that pet owners within the Rural Municipality of Mountain understand their responsibilities under Animal Control By-Law No. 02/23. These requirements are set forth to ensure that our communities remain safe and the well being of both residents and animals are cared for.

It is vital that all residents are aware of the obligations required as pet owners.

Some of the responsibilities include:

Licensing of Dogs: The owner of every dog over the age of four months shall obtain and renew annually, a license to keep the dog. This license is payable by the 31st of January each year and expires on the 31st day of December.

Registration Fee is $10.00 per dog paid by January 31st and $20.00 per dog after January 31st and submitted to the Municipal Office along with a completed Registration Form.

Maximum Number of Dogs: No person shall keep more than two dogs over the age of four months unless such person holds a valid Kennel Permit authorizing him to own that number of dogs.

Running At Large: No animal owner shall allow his dog to run at large, or permit his dog on public property unless the dog is on a leash. Please note: No dogs are allowed on any school grounds or playgrounds.

Concern for Others: No owner shall permit his dog to bark or howl or in any other way disturb the quiet of any person, or allow his dog to damage public or private property. No owner shall permit his dog to pursue, bite, wound or worry any person or animal, and shall not have in their possession any dog determined to be a dangerous animal.

If you have any concerns regarding the mistreatment of an animal please contact the Province of Manitoba Animal Care Line:

(204) 945-8000

Toll Free: 1-888-945-8001